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Tertiary Education Bursaries Online Application

Apply Online

The Application Form is to be sent to the Foundation office by February 1st each year.

    Section A - Personal Details

    Section B – Proposed Course Details

    Name of course(s) for which you are applying:
    Name of institution(s) where you wish to study:

    Preference may be given to students attending Central Queensland tertiary institutions.

    Name of course(s) for which you are applying:
    If part-time, please provide details

    Please submit a photocopy of any documents as proof of your intention to enrol in a course OR A letter of offer into a course. *

    Section C – Most Recent Academic results

    Please submit a copy of your academic results from your education provider:

    Current Year 12 students

    Section D – Personal statement

    This is your opportunity to make your case to the Bursary Sub-committee. Your statement should be no longer than 500 words and include information about yourself, your future goals and the impact your needs or disability has had on your study and career choice. Please also outline the barriers you have faced, or may face, in purchasing adaptive technology? Your statement should also demonstrate your potential for success in higher education and may include past academic results, employment history, participation in study groups or other training, community service, leadership roles, and other achievements.

    Section E – Letter from a Referee

    A referee may be a representative from your school, local community group or a person who has known you for at least 12 months.

    The letter must refer to Iwasaki Foundation Tertiary Education Bursary and should include information about your need for the Bursary and your ability to achieve in your chosen education option.

    The letter can be submitted with this application or sent separately from the referee’s email address to info@iwasakifoundation.com.au.

    It is preferable if the referee letter is submitted on letterhead.

    Attach Reference Letter

    Section F: Financial Assessment

    Please note that many tertiary institutions offer a range of grants or scholarships varying from $500 to $20,000, which can support the academic costs of tertiary studies.

    1. Have you applied, or do you intend to apply for any academic grants or scholarships? *

    If yes, please state the value, purpose and funding source

    All questions must be answered

    2. Do you receive, or will you receive during your intended course, income from any of the following sources?
    3. Please supply the following financial details:
    4. List your current financial commitments and any additional costs that you expect to incur throughout your course (e.g., additional equipment, accommodation, travel costs, childcare costs, medical costs or up-front fees).

    Section G: Additional Uploads