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There are currently eleven Directors of the Foundation made up of seven Australians who all reside in the local area and four Japanese – one of whom resides on the Capricorn Coast – and three who reside in Japan.

A full meeting of all Directors takes place twice per year in April and October, with the AGM also held in April.

Australian Directors are:

  • Desley Rial – Elected March 2006 – Chairman since 2019
  • Vicki Bastin-Byrne – Elected June 2010 – Vice-Chairman, and Chair of the Grants Sub-committee
  • Mr Neil Craig – Elected March 2001 – Treasurer, and Chair of the Finance Sub-committee
  • Hugh Grant – Elected November 1993 – Company Secretary and Public Officer
  • Simon Irwin – Elected October 2020 – Chair of the Bursary Sub-committee, and Vice-Chair of the Grants Sub-committee
  • Lillian Lever – Elected June 2010 – Vice-Chair of the Bursary Sub-committee
  • John Lindsay – Elected April 2021 – Vice-Chair of the Finance sub-committee.

Japanese Directors based in Japan are:

  • Yoshitaro Iwasaki – CEO of Iwasaki Sangyo Company – Appointed November 1993
  • Takamitsu Iwasaki (his son) – Elected October 2011
  • Takeshi Mitani – Appointed January 2008

Japanese Directors based in Australia (Yeppoon) are:

  • Kazune Hokazono – Appointed October 2020
  • Shusaku Arikawa – Elected April 2022



Mrs Desley Rial OAM Foundation Chairman

Retired business owner and former Livingstone Shire Councillor

Mrs Vicki Bastin-Byrne Foundation Vice-chairman & Grants Sub-Committee Chair

Retired Business owner and former Livingstone & Rockhampton Shire Councillor

Mr Yoshitaro Iwasaki 3rd Generation of the Founder Family

Foundation Director and CEO Iwasaki Sangyo Co. Pty Ltd

Mr Takamitsu Iwasaki 4th Generation of the Founder Family

Foundation Director and Vice President Iwasaki Sangyo Co. Pty Ltd

Mr Hugh Grant LL.B, OAM Company Secretary & Public Officer

Retired Solicitor

Mr Neil Craig Treasurer & Finance Sub-Committee Chair

Retired Financial Planner

Mrs Lillian Lever Bursary Sub-Committee Vice-chair

Business Owner

Mr Simon Irwin Bursary Sub-Committee Chair & Grants Sub-Committee Vice-Chair

Retired Media Manager, Current CEO Beef 2024 Rockhampton

Mr John Lindsay Finance Sub-Committee Vice-Chair

Retired Bank Manager

Mr Kazune Hokazono

Administration Manager Iwasaki Sangyo Co. (Australia) Pty Ltd

Mr Takeshi (Ted) Mitani

Foundation Director and Director of Iwasaki Sangyo Co. Pty Ltd

Mr Shusaku (Shu) Arikawa

Senior Japanese Director


The chart below shows the distribution of operating outlays for the Foundation 2021 financial year.

The income earned from wisely invested capital is what allows the Foundation to fund its Charitable Grants and Tertiary Education Bursary programs, and through careful budget planning for 2021 we were able to fund 10 Bursaries -3 of whom graduated in throughout the year- and 8 Grant applications.

In the current financial market however, with interest rates at an all-time low, less funding has been available as in previous years.  But with diligence and keen financial skills, we hope to be able to continue our wonderful work in 2022.

The Foundation is registered as a Charitable Trust and is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient, allowing us to accept tax deductible donations.  If you are interested in helping us to continue the wonderful work we do in the community, please see our “Donate” page for details.