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The charter of the Foundation is to promote, foster, assist, encourage and sponsor the welfare of aged, infirm, disabled or needy persons. This is done through the funding of Charitable Grants and Tertiary Education Bursaries.

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The Foundation has been offering Charitable Grants to eligible persons in the Central Queensland region since 2007.

Applications from other parts of Queensland may be considered if all criteria is met and funds are available.

Applications can be submitted anytime throughout the year.

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Tertiary Education

Bursaries for financially needy students have been offered through the Foundation since October 2010.

To date over 55 students have benefited from this funding enabling them to attend University and follow their dreams.

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Tertiary Education Bursaries Rockhampton Yeppoon
Mr Yohachiro Iwasaki (Deceased) The Founder
Mrs Yoshie Iwasaki (Deceased) The Endower
Mr Les Duthie (Deceased) Founding Chairman
Mrs Vicki Bastin-Byrne Current Foundation Chair
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