Iwasaki Foundation

The Charter

The charter of the Foundation under its Trust Deed is to construct, establish, maintain, administer, manage and operate homes for aged, infirm, disabled or needy persons; and to promote, foster, assist, encourage and sponsor the welfare of aged, infirm, disabled or needy persons. The income earned from the Foundation’s invested capital is used to meet these goals.

About the Foundation

Our original endower Mrs Yoshie Iwasaki (deceased) was the wife of the founder, Mr Yohachiro Iwasaki (deceased), who in the 1970’s established a substantial holiday resort called the Capricorn Resort at Yeppoon, on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland. The accommodation resort includes features such as 2 golf courses, extensive wetlands and many other ecological features.

An important wish of the Iwasaki family was for the Foundation to encourage a good relationship between the countries of Japan and Australia, and also to foster goodwill between the people of both nations.

The other purpose for establishing the Iwasaki Foundation as a charitable trust was to repay the Queensland community for its support during the many years of negotiations that lead to the completion of the resort. The emphasis of the trust’s activities is towards the aged, infirm, disabled and needy members of the community.

It has been funded solely by the Iwasaki family and the original bequested capital has grown over the years. The income generated from this capital is used to fund the trust’s charitable activities. The Foundation is managed by a board comprised of mainly local, Australian directors, together with selected Japanese directors.