Tertiary Education Bursary Program

Beginning in October 2010, we added a further charitable function. We are now funding Tertiary Education Bursaries for student children of financially needy students.

On average the Iwasaki Foundation will have 16 students completing their studies with the help of Bursary Funding. These payments will continue for the duration of the students’ courses, subject to them meeting the required academic and needs-based standards.

We trust this provides sufficient information to assist you to understand and appreciate the range of activities of the Iwasaki Foundation and its founding family.

Bursary Application Forms

In exceptional circumstances the sub-committee can accept applications for the second semester of a year for a reduced amount for that semester.

Important: Please ensure the use of Adobe PDF Reader when completing any forms. The use of any other programs may result in lack on functionality in some fields and loss of completed data. Adobe PDF Reader can be downloaded for free here.

Download the Bursary Application Form

Download the Bursary Guidelines