Tertiary Education Bursary Program

The Tertiary Education Bursary Program was started in October 2010 to help financially needy students from the Central Queensland region achieve their academic goals.  To date over 50 students have taken advantage of this funding to assist them in completing their Bachelor Degrees.   Students attending CQU will have priority, however students attending other Universities will be considered in special circumstances at the discretion of the Board.

Although the majority of Bursaries are awarded to first year students, those who are in their second or third year may also apply as long as they fit the criteria in the Bursary Guidelines (see below).  A Bursary may be awarded in the second semester of a year if the Board approves, but the amount of the Bursary will be reduced accordingly.

The value of the Bursary is set by the Board and will continue each year for the duration of the chosen course.  The Bursary is NOT paid in a lump sum, but as either a regular monthly installment or on receipt of invoices for approved purchases.  Details are in the Bursary Guidelines below.

To apply, students must complete the Bursary Application Form below, attach all the relevant documents, and forward it to the Foundation office at info@iwasakifoundation.com.au before the closing date as shown on the top of the application form.  If deemed eligible, students will be asked to attend an interview with members of the Board, after which they will be notified if they have been successful or not.

Please ensure that you read the Bursary Application Guidelines carefully before sending in your application.  

Bursary Application Forms

Important: Please ensure the use of Adobe PDF Reader when completing any forms. The use of any other programs may result in lack on functionality in some fields and loss of completed data. Adobe PDF Reader can be downloaded for free here.

Download the Bursary Application Form

Download the Bursary Application Guidelines