History of the Iwasaki Foundation

History of the Iwasaki Family’s Activities in Central Queensland

In the 1970’s, Mr.Yohachiro Iwasaki (deceased) established a substantial resort just north of Yeppoon, which is situated on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland. His son Mr. Fukuzo Iwasaki (deceased), then his grandson, Mr.Yoshitaro Iwasaki have continued this business. From its inception, and up to the present time, it has been entirely funded by the private family company. In the early years of its operations substantial financial support from the family companies was needed that was in addition to the capital required to build the resort. The family had a management agreement with the Rydges Hotel Group, then with the Accor Group, as a Mercure-branded resort. These companies managed the operation for some years, but the ownership of the resort has never changed.  The Iwasaki Company has now assumed the management.

History of the Charitable Trust

The Iwasaki Foundation (viz., the Foundation) was established in 1985, being funded by a grant of capital from the estate of Mrs. Yoshie Iwasaki (deceased), the wife of the resort founder Mr.Yohachiro Iwasaki (deceased). The Foundation’s Directors managed to grow the initial capital substantially in the earlier years. Now, its entire operations are funded by the income generated from the increased capital.

Mr. Yoshitaro Iwasaki is the current Director who heads the Iwasaki family’s representation, as he is the CEO of all the group’s companies in Australia and Japan and is also a Director of the Foundation. He was joined by his son, Mr. Takamitsu Iwasaki who became a Director of the Foundation in October 2011. There are three other Japanese Directors, two being locally based at the Capricorn Resort, Yeppoon – Mr. Toshiyuki Suda, and Ms. Kanako Yoshinaga, the other one being Japan-based executive of the Iwasaki family’s companies Mr Takeshi Mitani.

The Foundation is a completely separate body, and it is independent of the Iwasaki family’s Australian businesses. The Foundation has charitable trust status in Australia, and its operations are controlled by a majority of independent, Australian Directors.

In its formative years, some of the Australian directors were Mr. BW Baillie, Mr. Jack Cahill, a local Inspector of Police, Mr. LG Duthie, who was the Founding Chairman until 1998, Mr. HR Beak who was the Chairman of Livingstone Shire, Mr. B. McCafferty and two Cabinet Ministers of the Queensland Government of the day, Mr. R. Camm and Mr. N. Hewitt. On the retirement of Mr. B. McCafferty in 1993, Mr. HC Grant was elected to the Board. Mr. Grant then took over as Chairman from Mr. BW Baillie who held that position for eleven years, holding the position himself for a further eleven years.

The current Chairman is Mrs Desley Rial, and other Executive Directors are Mr. Chris Kennard – Vice-Chairman and Chair of the Bursary Sub-committee, Mr Neil Craig – Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Sub-committee, and Mr. Hugh Grant – Company Secretary and Public Officer. The other Directors on the Board are, Mrs Lillian Lever, Mrs Vicki Bastin-Byrne – Chair of the Grants sub-Committee, Mr. Robert Pleash – Publicity Officer, and Mr. Scott McGregor.

 The charter of the Foundation under its Trust Deed is to construct, establish, maintain, administer, manage and operate homes for aged, infirm disabled or needy persons; and to promote, foster, assist, encourage and sponsor the welfare of aged, infirm, disabled or needy persons. The income earned from the Foundation’s invested capital is used to meet these goals.

Subsidised Accommodation Program

In 1992, the Foundation leased the Melaleuca Motel in the grounds of the Capricorn Resort at Yeppoon and appointed managers to operate the facility. The motel had 50 units that enabled the Foundation to offer a one-week, subsidized holiday to eligible guests. Those persons were mainly older, disadvantaged members of the community, who met the qualifications of the Trust Deed.  This operation continued until November 2007, providing about 1500 people per year with a heavily subsidised holiday. While staying at the motel, these special guests had full access to the facilities of the Capricorn Resort.

In 2008, the subsidised accommodation operation was moved to the Bay View Towers apartment motel in Yeppoon, where it continued to operate very successfully under a different operational structure, until its cessation on 30 April 2012.

The closure of this phase of the Foundation’s activities after 20 years has allowed the Directors’ to expand the existing programs, and to investigate the possibility of new activities. The subsidised accommodation program provided holidays for many thousands of deserving people from 1992 to 2012.

Charitable Grants Program

Since 2007 the Foundation’s surplus income has been used to make grants to many and varied charitable causes, with preference given to those in the Central Queensland region.

From 2007 to 30 June 2019, grants totalling almost $ 1.6 Million have been approved.

It is anticipated that the Foundation will maintain a high level of charitable grants in future years.

Tertiary Education Bursary Program

Beginning in October 2010, a further charitable function was added, and funding is now made available for Tertiary Education Bursaries to financially needy students.

From 2010 to 30 June 2019, a total of 44 Bursaries worth in excess of $940,000 have been awarded to students for university studies.  These payments will continue for the duration of the students’ courses, subject to their meeting the required academic and needs-based standards. There are presently 16 Bursary recipients.

It is anticipated that the Bursaries will be used for direct expenses such as accommodation, travel, study books, computers, internet costs, and any other equipment needed for the students’ courses.

The Directors trust that this provides sufficient information to assist in understanding and appreciating the range of activities of The Iwasaki Foundation and its founding family.


Desley Rial


Chris Kennard

Vice Chairperson and Bursary’s Subcommittee Chairperson

Neil Craig

Treasure and Finance Subcommittee Chairperson

Vicki Bastin-Byne

Charitable Grants Subcommittee Chairperson

Hugh Grant

Company Secretary and Public Officer

Robert Pleash

Publicity Officer

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Yoshitaro Iwasaki


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Takamitsu Iwasaki


Lillian Lever


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Takeshi Mitani


Scott McGregor


Toshiyuki Suda


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Kanako Yoshinaga



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